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CINCH Team Reigns the 2018 Gold Buckles. Who’s Making a Run for 2019?

For CINCH Team pro rodeo athletes, keeping the National Finals Rodeo dream alive is what it’s all about. And kicking off a new season means it’s time to hit the road and ride for a Top 15 spot in the PRCA/Ram World Standings. Success at such an elite level, however,... Read More

Dress to Impress-Our Top Boys Fashion Picks


CINCH Boys Fashion

Explore our boy’s clothing styles to ensure your child will have the best school year yet. CINCH clothing is built to last with quality construction. No matter how rough and tumble your son is, our CIN... Read More

Lead, Don’t Follow - Cashae McGee’s Comeback Story


Cashae McGee is a North Dakota HS Rodeo Athlete and 2017-18 Cinch Team Member who portrayed the “Lead, Don’t Follow” attitude this year. Cashae is a competitive Rodeo Athlete who ... Read More

PRCA, CINCH JEANS & SHIRTS Announce New National Partnership


A focus on growing cowboys’ opportunity in rodeo leads to a handshake between rodeo’s largest professional association and CINCH

DENVER, Colo. (July 11, 2018) – The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) announced Wednesday its national sponsorship with CINCH JEANS & SHIRTS. The partnership extends CINCH’s commi... Read More

Our Endorsees’ Favorite Father’s Day Memories


Father's Day is the time when we all think about how much our dads mean to us. The CINCH rodeo athletes are no different. We reached out to many of them to get their favorite Father's Day memories.

World Champion tie-down roper Shane Hanchey’s favorite Father’s Day memory was how accepting his father was. Hanchey explained that his fathe... Read More



CINCH TEAM VARSITY CUP debuts in Sturgis, S.D. May 2018
Seven South Dakota high schools to cheer on their elite student rodeo athletes at invitational high school rodeo at Sturgis Fairgrounds

DENVER, Colo. (May 29, 2018) – The first-ever CINCH TEAM VARSITY CUP high school rodeo produced by CINCH JEANS & SHIRTS showcases hi... Read More

Guest Blog - A Horse For Every Human by Brigid O’Leary


The first time I ever saw Doc was at a ranch east of town.

I was there with my employer at the time, to pick up two of the horses he had leased to the ranch for their summer operation. We pulled up to the corrals and were greeted by one of their hired cowboys. The first thing I noticed about him were the massive spurs strapped to his... Read More

Head to the Rodeo this Summer


Spring's arrival can mean only one thing — summer is just around the corner. In addition to CINCH's commitment to providing our customers with durable and stylish western attire and other clothing like rodeo shirts, CINCH also sponsors or is associated with many rodeo events around the country. Many of our athletes, including ... Read More

Refresh Your Western Wardrobe With New Denim Lineup


If you read our Spring Wish List – CINCH Style Favorites, then you know all about how to keep your denim looking fresh and new. Taking care of denim ensures that you get years of wear out of them. Here at CINCH, we are committed to inno... Read More

Spring Wish List - CINCH Style Favorites


CINCH Moder Fit Shirts

Does spring make you want to freshen up your wardrobe? If so, we have some popular CINCH products to put on your must-have list. With selections for the whole family, we've chosen a few st... Read More

CINCH Athlete Spotlight - Amberley Snyder


Following the advice her parents have given her many times over the years, that “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,” rodeo athlete Amberley Snyder overcame personal tragedy to keep her rodeo lifestyle alive. As a CINCH endorsee, Amberley kno... Read More

CINCH’s Spring 2018 Athletic Clothing Line


Keeping up a ranch, farm or even backyard garden takes hard work. Whether you work there full time, or you put in long hours after work or on the weekends, your passion keeps you sweating. You need clothes that will support you, not make you work harder. CINCH understands this need. That's why they have designed clothing that works with you, not... Read More

CINCH Athlete Spotlight - Bobby Kerr


CINCH Jeans & Shirts - Bobby Kerr

With a career steeped in western heritage and spanning more than 45 years, Bobby Kerr embodies the ... Read More

Rodeo Stars Top Fitness Tips for the New Year


CINCH Jeans & Shirts

In your pursuit of competing in rodeo, you've dedicated your weekends to roping or riding. You depend on our athletes' hard-earned knowledge when it comes to the best ... Read More

CINCH Valentines Day Gift Guide - For Him and Her


CINCH Shirts

At CINCH, we view everything through the prism of our values of integrity, passion and quality. Our company was founded on these values in 1996, and staying true to those values has never steered us wr... Read More

Product Spotlight - Women’s Jeans


CINCH Womens Jean

The holidays have come and gone. Hopefully, your gifts came from our list of must-haves, which inc... Read More

Capturing Authenticity - The CINCH Lifestyle Photo Shoot


CINCH Authenticity


To those who wear CINCH clothing, this is not merely a slogan. Since 1996, the CINCH brand has prided itself in innovative, fashion-forward a... Read More

NFR Recap - CINCH Endorsees Roundup


The CINCH brand, which traces its origins back to 1918, was built with passion, integrity and quality, three values mirrored in both rodeo athletes and customers. Our company was created by and for those who take pride in leading that most A... Read More

NFR Endorsees Spotlight - 5 World Champions


Rodeo athletes all over the world enjoy the fit, style and comfort of CINCH jeans. They are considered the go-to jeans for the rodeo arena, and are often paired with CINCH classic fit shirts, which offer superior comfort and utility, featuring longer tails and sleeves and a fuller body for optimum range of motion. While hard work, long hours, gr... Read More

Holiday Must Haves-Give the Gift of CINCH


Shopping for everyone on your holiday list can be daunting – you want to get the perfect gift for each person, right? Well, we’re here to help. Our previous product spotlights on CINCH WRX work clothes and the CINCH line of concealed carry cloth... Read More

Rodeo Life - A CINCH Story



You're proud to pursue your passion of competing in rodeo, and you need clothes that will help you accomplish it. When your days are spent on the ranch or at a 9-to-5 job, and your weekends are spent rop... Read More

CINCH Values - Lead an American Life


CINCH Values

Building a brand with integrity, passion and quality isn't easy for everyone, but when these values are inherently part of your company, it becomes the only way to build a brand. For CINCH Jeans... Read More

Product Spotlight - Concealed Carry


With a broad range of sizes to fit everyone, the CINCH concealed carry line provides firearm-friendly attire for both men and women. Featuring many western-wear staples, CINCH classics and even patriotic wear, the CI... Read More

CJ Box Characters Wear CINCH


CINCH Jeans Western Wear This blog post was written by C.J. Box #1 New York Times Best Selling Author of the Joe Pickett series, including the ne... Read More

Cowboy Boots-An American History


The history of cowboy boots can be traced back to the mid- to late-1800s, when they were necessary, practical footwear for cowboys herding cattle on the ranch. While cowboy boots are worn for both fashion and work today, their history links them for... Read More

CINCH Athlete Spotlight-Fred Whitfield


Less than than 400 men have ever won a world championship in the sport of professional rodeo. Fred Whitfield of Hockley, Texas, has won 8 gold buckles over the course of his career. If you consider that Tom Brady has won four MVP titles and is known around the world as an elite... Read More

Product Spotlight - CINCH WRX


Work clothing is notorious for being either uncomfortable or unstylish. To make a better product that is attractive, durable and comfortable with the necessary safety standards, CINCH is proud to produce the WRX clothing line.

CINCH WRX® clothing and boots keep durability, comfort and safety in mind to meet the daily demands on the job. ... Read More

Denim - An American History


Born out of necessity, denim has served hard-working Americans since the late 19th century. Starting initially as a request from a blue-collar worker, the first pair of jeans were created to serve one purpose — withstand the everyday wear and tear that a traditional pair of trousers could not. As jeans evolved, rivets were used to reinforce the ... Read More

CINCH Athlete Spotlight-Jade Corkill


Jade Corkill is a professional heeler, a three-time world champion, a husband and a father of two boys. The champion team roper was born in Fallon, Nevada, and currently lives in Stephenville, Texas. He has had a rope in his hand since a young age — helping his mom rope and doctor cows on the ranch.

When he turned 18 in August of 2... Read More

CINCH Jeans and Shirts Blazing the Trail for Western Wear


A Western Wear Pioneer

Since our brand launch in 1996, CINCH Jeans and Shirts has been an innovator and market disruptor in the western clothing industry. The CINCH clothing brand fills a need for quality, performance-ready western jeans and shirts for the western enthusiast both in and out of the arena. Our unique des... Read More