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Denim - An American History

Born out of necessity, denim has served hard-working Americans since the late 19th century. Starting initially as a request from a blue-collar worker, the first pair of jeans were created to serve one purpose — withstand the everyday wear and tear that a traditional pair of trousers could not. As jeans evolved, rivets were used to reinforce the places that ripped most: the pockets and flies. This important addition created the jean we know today. In the years since, jeans have served many purposes — workers’ uniform, teen rebellion style and, ultimately, fashion.

Jeans for everyday life soared in popularity in World War II when soldiers chose to wear jeans while on leave. In the 1950s, they transitioned into popular culture when James Dean donned a pair on the big screen in “Rebel Without A Cause.” Because of his iconic portrayal as a youth in revolt, jeans were even banned in some establishments. A decade later, jeans feverishly re-emerged in popular culture and mainstream fashion.

Cowboys became synonymous with jeans when movies depicting the western way of life were wildly popular. The attitude and romanticism of authentic American cowboys in jeans led to the notion that a man wearing jeans symbolized a sense of unapologetic adventurous spirit, independence and confidence.

Rodeo Jeans

CINCH Green Label Jeans CINCH Jeans sought to inspire the same rugged individualism that brought jeans into existence. Employees and endorsees have helped cultivate a culture of loyal customers who truly believe in the western lifestyle. CINCH Jeans began with a pure and authentic vision to provide cowboys with comfortable and functional jeans. Whether you’re tying a calf, bull riding, backing into the box or simply living with genuine passion for the western way of life, our jeans fit seamlessly.

That vision lives on today. The “Lead, Don’t Follow®” attitude of our original brand advocates and loyal customers catapulted CINCH Jeans into a competitive business. In a market saturated with traditional, tight western jeans, the CINCH brand saw an opportunity to merge function with comfort through its first jean fit, the Green Label.

Fred Whitfiled In 1996, eight-time world champion, Fred whitfield tried on a pair of the green label for the first time. soon after, he signed an endorsement deal on a napkin, solidifying his place as the first professional rodeo cowboy on the cinch endorsee team. whitfield served as an early brand advocate, helping cinch jeans get off the ground — from a grassroots company selling jeans out of the back of a pickup to an internationally recognized brand.

Shortly thereafter, 20-time NFR qualifier Cody Ohl joined the team and helped us continue to grow. Both Fred Whitfield and Cody Ohl have stuck by the brand over the years and remain a big part of the CINCH team today.

Whitfield and Ohl were both instrumental in helping CINCH Jeans develop a variety of fits to cater to different needs. They started wearing the Green Label, which is an original rise that sits at the hips, a relaxed thigh for mobility and a tapered leg opening, which still remains today. After listening to feedback from endorsees over the years, CINCH Jeans created the White Label, which is now the number #1-selling fit. Down the road, we designed the Black Label 2.0 — a fit specifically for Ohl. We continue this tradition today, designing and customizing jeans based on the feedback of our athletes and customers.

CINCH  Jeans Denim

Wear what the pros wear:

Green Label: 8x World Champion Heeler – Rich Skelton
Black Label: 4x NFR qualifier Steer Wrestler – Billy Bugening
Blue Label: 5x World Champion Steer Wrestler – Luke Branquinho
Black Label 2.0: 6x World Champion Calf Roper – Cody Ohl
White Label: 12x NFR Qualifier Saddle Bronc Rider – Cody DeMoss
Carter: 3x World Champion Heeler – Jade Corkill
Ian: World Champion Bull Rider –Shane Proctor
Grant: 8x World Champion Calf Roper – Fred Whitfield
Sawyer: 13x NFR Qualifier Heeler – Cory Petska

Additional CINCH Jeans fits include: the Bronze Label an original rise with a slim hip and thigh, and tapered leg. The Silver Label a mid rise with fitted hip and thigh, and straight leg. The Dooley a mid rise with a relaxed thigh and fitted knee, and boot cut.

CINCH  Jeans Denim Jacket The wide variety of fits we manufacture accommodate different body types, comfort levels, style preferences and performance needs, and each pair embodies the western way of life. As CINCH Jeans grew in popularity, additional fashion pieces were added, such as denim shirts and denim jackets, among other western fashion items.

CINCH Jeans Construction

Denim is made of a cotton twill fabric where the white weft thread passes under two or more indigo dyed warp threads. This creates the signature diagonal denim lines and leaves the fabric white on the other side.

CINCH sets itself apart with superior quality, as every denim piece has construction in mind. CINCH jeans are constructed with heavier weight denim, which is ring-spun in at least one direction for the utmost durability. Felled seams, reinforced back pockets and yoke-attached belt loops add to the overall jean strength.

CINCH  Jeans Denim

Over many decades, hard-working Americans demanded durable jeans that would eventually evolve into a rebellious fashion statement. Today, CINCH Jeans and Shirts keeps those ideals at the forefront of its designs, while also listening to changing customer needs.

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