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CINCH Athlete Spotlight-Jade Corkill

Jade Corkill is a professional heeler, a three-time world champion, a husband and a father of two boys. The champion team roper was born in Fallon, Nevada, and currently lives in Stephenville, Texas. He has had a rope in his hand since a young age — helping his mom rope and doctor cows on the ranch.

When he turned 18 in August of 2005, Corkill purchased his first Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association membership and soon after won the 2006 Rookie of the Year in heeling. He has been a sponsored athlete on the CINCH team since 2010. Corkill has seen a lot of success in the arena with notable wins at the National Finals Rodeo, including three consecutive world championships and countless trips to the Thomas and Mack Arena. His continued success has solidified Corkill as one of the best heelers of all time.

Team Roping Overview

Team roping is the only rodeo event that allows cowboys to work together in the arena. The first roper, also called the header, is positioned to the left of the steer, with the second roper — the heeler — to the right of the steer. When the steer leaves the roping box, the header must first rope the steer around both horns before the heeler can throw his rope around the steer's back legs.

If the header catches, he must loop or "dally" his rope around the saddle horn, turning the steer for the heeler to catch. Time is called when both horses turn to face each other, with no slack in the ropes, holding the steer.

While team roping can sound complicated, when done correctly, a successful run will look smooth, fluid and easy. Corkill and Chad Masters often make it look easy, as they currently hold the team roping world record of 3.3 seconds. According to Corkill, all of his success is quickly attributed to his family.

A Family Man First

Jade Corkill and son ColbyMost rodeo fans do not see the tens of thousands of miles on the road that string together a rodeo career and an NFR qualification. This is a job with no guaranteed paycheck, and the daily strains can be taxing to say the least. To keep motivated, Corkill says it all centers around, "being a good dad, being a good person, raising my boys to be good men — those are values that are important to me. Colby and Kelton are absolutely what drive me to be better every day."

With a family-focused mindset, Corkill says he is "fortunate to provide for his family doing what he loves," and feels privileged that he has the opportunity to have his family on the road with him so he can take his sons fishing, throw around a baseball and rope the dummy. While Corkill says roping holds a special place in his life, it will never come close to the importance of forging memories with his family. 


Rodeo Style

Jade Corkill
In the arena, Corkill has recently become known for his denim-on-denim style. He can be found wearing CINCH products from head-to-toe, starting with CINCH boot socks for their over-the-calf height and functionality, and CINCH moisture wicking athletic tees. Corkill's go-to choice for jeans is the Carter for their comfort and durability, and his favorite rodeo shirt is the Miller Ranch by CINCH denim shirt. When he's not roping, Corkill prefers the CINCH White Label jeans or CINCH Grant jeans and a classic fit shirt. "I like the sleeve and body length of my CINCH shirts. They don't come un-tucked when I'm roping."


When Corkill is not with his family or setting records in the arena, he is helping the next generation of rodeo cowboys. He teaches roping lessons in his spare time, passing on the knowledge and experience he hopes will save them from some of the sleepless nights he's had himself.

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