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Rodeo Stars Top Fitness Tips for the New Year

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In your pursuit of competing in rodeo, you've dedicated your weekends to roping or riding. You depend on our athletes' hard-earned knowledge when it comes to the best CINCH products for rodeo wear. These items are athlete favorites due to their durability, functionality and range of motion — all features that rodeo athletes require in their attire. Now, these same athletes are sharing their best fitness tips that help them excel in the arena.

New Year, New You

Whether or not you make New Year's resolutions, there's no denying that there's something about the new year that inspires us to eat a little healthier and workout a little more often. The benefits of achieving better physical fitness are numerous. Your horse is a finely honed athlete, so being in top shape will help the two of you become one. Plus, everything inside the arena happens in increments of split seconds. The more conditioned you are, the faster you can react. This can mean the difference between winning and losing, while also helping to ensure you walk out of the arena as healthy as when you walked in. But should you lift weights, run miles or do some other type of exercise routine? Our CINCH athletes offer tips specific to their (and your) events.

Fitness Tips From Our Athletes

Chuck Swisher Bull Fighting

NFR Bull Fighter Chuck Swisher suggests a two-prong approach: cardio and fast-twitch muscles. “You don’t need big muscles to fight bulls,” he points out. “With the quick-twitch muscles, you need it to help you react very quickly to be in the right position at the right time.” For cardio, he suggests “explosive moves with or without weight,” such as biking, swimming or running. This will help condition you and your lungs for running around the arena.

“As a bronc rider, focus on your core and lower back,” Brody Cress suggests. Those are the most important muscles for riding broncs, according to him. As the 2017 NFR Aggregate Champion Saddle Bronc Rider, he knows what he's talking about.

CINCH Shirts - Tyson Durfey If you're a tie-down roper, take 2016 World Champion Tyson Durfey's advice and focus on balance, speed and agility drills, squats, and hand-eye coordination. He likes “the timing of boxing drills.” As he says, you can “do a lot with an exercise ball and boxing gloves.”

2017 Barrel Racing Rookie of the Year and NFR Qualifier Taci Bettis cautions to keep your core in shape. As she says, “If your core cannot support your body in the saddle, you will be riding from behind and your horse has to make up for that. It’s not a great recipe for success.” Her recipe? Working out in the gym three times a week, a daily riding session, plus extra cardio sessions such as a long bike ride or a basketball game, as her schedule allows.

CINCH Shirts - Luke BranquinhoCore strength is paramount to Luke Branquinho as well. The five-time World Champion Steer Wrestler explains that “when you’re trying to slow down a steer at a run and change his direction, your center has to be strong and balanced.”

While a strong core is important to two-time NFR Bareback Rider RC Landingham, he cautions not to neglect your overall health. “It’s very easy to lose track of fitness when it comes to being a rodeo athlete,” he says, “with all of the traveling, fast food stops, lack of sleep and opportunities to drink. For the top 15 guys that are going to the NFR, fitness is close to the most important part of our rodeo career.” And don't neglect your mental health, either. Landingham thinks it's imperative to have a strong mind if your quest is to be a champion.

Regardless of your individual rodeo event, don't neglect flexibility. As World Champion Bull Rider Shane Proctor reminds us, “when you have tight muscles, that's when injuries occur.” He recommends starting at an early age working on balance and flexibility.

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