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Product Spotlight - CINCH WRX

Work clothing is notorious for being either uncomfortable or unstylish. To make a better product that is attractive, durable and comfortable with the necessary safety standards, CINCH is proud to produce the WRX clothing line.

CINCH WRX® clothing and boots keep durability, comfort and safety in mind to meet the daily demands on the job. Made with the same ingenuity and quality as CINCH western clothing, CINCH WRX® products include: flame-resistant (FR) jeans, WRX jeans, FR shirts and work boots. Whether you are welding, working in the oil field or simply need clothing durable enough for your everyday life, CINCH WRX® has you covered.


Cinch Fire Resistant Shirts In a world filled with khaki and brown flame-resistant clothing, CINCH WRX® brings more variety to the office and to the field. CINCH FR shirts combine style and safety, which allows for an easy transition from a foreman’s office to the field, or a welder’s shop to town. CINCH FR shirts are known for the same qualities as CINCH Classic Fit Shirts — fashion-forward designs, comfort and durability. CINCH produces a denim FR shirt, 7.5 oz. cotton button-down FR shirt, and a 6.5 oz. button-down shirt. The lighter-weight 6.5 oz. fabric contains 88% cotton and 12% nylon, which make hot days more bearable, while still maintaining safety standards. In the WRX line, we also offer an FR long-sleeve interlock knit cotton shirt that goes well either layered for warmth during cold months or on its own.

CINCH FR shirts are HRC-2 with an ATPB of 8.5-9.5 and meet the requirements of NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112. FR shirts are made to self-extinguish upon removal of ignition source and designed to meet secondary protection standards. Firefighter gear, by comparison, is considered primary protection.

FR fabric used to construct CINCH WRX® jeans and shirts are made with confidence by Mount Vernon Mills. Proper fabric care is important with FR clothing for the lifetime of the apparel. To ensure proper care, garment guidelines include: machine wash on permanent press cycle, warm or hot water, no fabric softener, tumble dry, iron if needed and no starch. Following laundering instructions will help FR clothing last as long as a typical clothing item. These instructions apply to FR jeans and shirts.


Cinch Carter Jean Fire Resistant The same favorite jean fits CINCH is known for carry over into the WRX line. The FR jeans in the WRX line include, White Label, Carter, Blue Label and Green Label. These jeans are not only safety tested and meet the requirements of NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112, they are also HRC-2 rated. Look for the ATPV ratings of individual jeans, which are 17, 20 or 20.7, depending on the style of jean. Additionally, CINCH WRX® showcases a non-FR Original Fit jean that is comfortable and strong enough to handle daily chores with 14.25 oz. denim. Function fit, and innovation combine to create a flame resistant jean without sacrificing comfort in the process.

Cinch  Fire Resistant Apparel



CINCH work boots merge cowboy style with traditional work boot comfort and durability. Western ideals are not compromised when it comes to the design and construction of CINCH work boots. Each pair is capable of living up to the daily demands of hard-working men and women.

Stress on overworked joints and back pain ease with Shock Continuation Technology (SCT), which works together with outsole and insole to transfer energy from each rebound of the foot. All boot styles are equipped with Electric Hazard Resistance up to 18,000 Volts and carry a rating of ASTM F2413-11 EH. CINCH work boots gives the customer a choice of ceramic composite toe, steel toe, or non-safety toe work boots. Waterproof styles and antimicrobial insole provide comfort and protection. Outsoles are flame resistant in select styles and are resistant to water, oil and chemicals. CINCH WRX® footwear complies with the performance requirements of ASTM F 2412/2413.

Cinch Fire Resistant work boots Workman Outsole:

  • 360° Goodyear Storm-Welt Construction
  • SCT Equipped
  • Square Toe
  • Pull-On Wellington Style
  • Long Lasting Flexible Lug Sole
  • Anti-Shock Comfort
  • Metal-Free Construction

Cinch Fire Resistant boots Horseman Outsole:

  • 3/4 Welt Construction
  • Integrated Spur Ridge
  • SCT Equipped
  • Square Toe
  • Pull-On Wellington Style
  • Lightweight Design
  • Flexible Sole
  • Anti-Shock Comfort
  • Metal-Free Construction

Here’s the breakdown of CINCH WRX® individual boots styles:

Cinch Fire Resistant bootsWRX Master is designed to protect your foot during the toughest work situations. Confronted with oil, grease or water, the WRX Master and workman outsole can handle it all.
Cinch Fire Resistant boots WRX Commander blends the function of work boots with the style and performance of a conventional western boot, which makes it a reliable choice in and out of the arena. Superior comfort, lightweight and flexible construction, SCT technology, and an integrated spur ridge make this versatile boot with horseman outsole fit seamlessly into everyday life.
Cinch Fire Resistant boots The Utility lace-up work boot with workman outsole can stand up to an 18-hour workday with an anti-shock SCT polygel heel and a highly flexible design. Constructed with a seam-free vamp panel, which adds durability.

CINCH WRX® clothing and boots fit seamlessly into the everyday western way of life, whether you are a pipeliner, an electrician, working in the oil and gas field, or require durable western style clothing. Keep working hard, CINCH Jeans and Shirts has safety and functional clothing covered.

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