RFD-TV's The American


A $2M, one-day payday, RFD-TV has blended their field of contestants with elite athletes and so-called "underdogs" giving a chance at the largest checks ever earned in rodeo at The American.  The top-10 in the previous world standings receive an automatic invitation, and a chance at $100,000.  Also, anyone with a desire to compete at The American can advance through the numerous sanctioning bodies' approved qualifying events, which culminate in a semi-finals event.  The top athletes from the semi-finals then go on to The American, where they earn a chance at a $1,000,000 payday, which was paid out in the inaugural event. CINCH is partners with The American to assist in elevating rodeo athletes and encourage a progressive movement in the rodeo industry.  Plus, the televised event introduced the first-ever CINCH Cam, giving unique above-arena shots.