International CINCH customers proudly fulfills international orders though Just shop as you normally would using the CINCH  website and shopping cart. At the time of checkout, choose the international option, which will take you to the GlobalShopex shopping cart. GlobalShopex is able to accept with international credit cards, PayPal, Money Gram, or bank wire transfers and guarantees delivery just like CINCH. After ordering, any questions about your purchase should be directed to GlobalShopex at or (786) 391-4868.

What countries do you ship to?
International shipping is currently available worldwide from Our third party vendor,, ships to 184 countries, reaching every populated continent.

Who do I contact for questions about my international order
Please contact Global Shopex if your question pertains to the shipping status of your international order.

If your question is in regards to the actual item you ordered, contact CINCH and we will be glad to assist you.

United States 

   Customer Service:

  Monday- Friday 8-5:00pm MST

International Orders

 Monday-Sunday 9:30am tp 6:30pm EST

Contact Numbers

 Australia (Sydney) Tel: (612) 903 70252

 United Kingdom Tel: (020) 3371 9380

 Japan (Tokyo) Tel: (3) 4520 9639

 Spain (Madrid) Tel: (91) 829 5114

 South Africa Tel: (27 10) 500-2487

 Canada (Toronto) Tel: (416) 840 5719

 France (Paris) Tel: (01) 7666 0593

 Mexico (DF) Tel: (55) 8525 3179

 Peru (Lima) Tel: (1) 718 0788

 Colombia (Bogota) Tel: (571) 508 2135

 Chile (Santiago) Tel: (2) 2368 0900

 Brasil (São Paulo) Tel: (11) 4950 8803

I received an offer code can I apply it to my order
Kindly note that coupon codes cannot be applied to international orders.

Are international orders sent with free shipping?
Unfortunately, due to the high cost of shipping international orders, we are unable to offer free shipping on international orders.